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Bad Wolf Books: Any book , Anytime, Just for you.

Ty read the sign as he was going in. The placed looked old and almost run down with shelves upon shelves of books that were overflowing. There were many just piled up on the floor after they had run out of space on the shelves. It took Ty a few hours to find the book he needed for his history class. It was a used copy of a medieval history book. He had a report for his history class and he had to choose the topic. The idea of knights in armor appealed to him greatly. He took his book to the front register where only one customer was in front of him.

“I need to study for my midterm exam in physics. My buddy told me that I could get a good study guide here.” The teenage boy said.

The cashier rummaged around for a book behind the shelf.

“Yes I keep a copy right here at this time of year. That’s $50 dollars.” The clerk said.

“Wait this has the wrong year on it. It has next year’s date on it.”

“Of course it does. How are you supposed to study for an exam if you don’t have the right answers?” The shop owner said with a wink.

The teenager paid for his book and left, opening the answers section of the book in the parking lot.

Ty put his book “Medieval England and War” on the counter.

“Are you sure about this book?” The shop keeper asked.

“Why is it not comprehensive enough? I have a paper I need to do.” Ty said.

“Oh no, it’s the most comprehensive book on the time. Just a little bit hard to read.”

“That’s fine I just need it for a paper.”

“Well I recommend reading it from the beginning. Fair warning, don’t jump into it.” The clerk said with a little frown.

“I’ll keep that in mind. How much?”

“Three dollars even.”

Ty took the book back to his room to read. Like he did with all his text books he didn’t really want to read he opened the book in the middle and started to skim until he found something interesting. The picture he stopped at was depicting a siege on a castle that was fraught with violence. He started reading and felt completely immersed in the description of the story until it felt like he was there. He saw the castle rise before him and felt the rain and blood soaked grass beneath his feet. He heard the thunderous noise of people shouting and trebuchets firing. It felt like he could hear the arrows flying past his head until one buried itself into his shoulder. Ty screamed as he fell to the ground, screamed in terror and died in confusion as a knight stomped his skull in while running forward to the castle.

Oliver went to the front desk at Bad Wolf Books.

“Do you have a good horror book? I really need a good horror book to read this weekend.” Oliver asked

“Oh I think I have a book just for you. “ The shop keeper said with a smile.


Reality Lost Part 3


When John got home he stopped before entering the house and took a small breath before he walked in. His father was on the couch watching TV, a small bruise on his cheek. Something was funny on T.V. and the fake audience laughed through the speakers. John saw his mother in the kitchen sitting in a chair nursing a fresh black eye. He didn’t bother making eye contact with either of them; instead he walked in as if nothing was wrong. It was what they all liked to do, and if he didn’t say anything then it wouldn’t be his turn to get hit. He walked into the kitchen and set his bag down by the kitchen door. Commercials snapped on, interrupting the laughing audience, and his dad turned away from the TV to regard John.

“You little shit, have you been getting into fights again!” he yelled. John cursed inside his head. He had forgotten about the bruise. His dad raised one large meaty hand and grabbed his shirt, pulling him to eye level.

“What have you got to say for yourself boy?” His father yelled, an inch away from John’s face, spit hitting his face and the stench of alcohol assailing his nostrils.

John knew better than to answer the question, knew better than to talk at all. No matter what he said it would only make it worse. Thankfully the commercials ended abruptly and his father’s show was back on. He flung John against a wall into the kitchen; he hit his back hard against a wall where he slumped to the floor close to where his mother was sitting.

John didn’t wait for any more invitations; he left for his own room and shut the door. He went to the bed; there was really nothing else in the room to sit on. There were a few books scattered on the floor, as well as some laundry that he needed to remember to do next time he skipped school. John lay on the bed and grabbed a nearby book, and started to read until he was tired. After an hour he set the alarm clock and went to sleep.

When John opened his eyes he saw a desert in front of him. It was nighttime in the dream and there were no stars, but a full moon hung high in the air, illuminating the barren sand. He was naturally confused, before he recognized it was a dream.

John walked without purpose waiting for the dream to end, ahead of him he saw a shift in the sand. The sand bubbled and rose like a geyser and, as it reached its peak, John could see it pop and the sand exploded outwards without a sound. In front of him stood a circular bench surrounded by newly formed glass pillars.

John walked to the bench that sat on one side of the courtyard. The glass pillars surrounded it, while glass tiles littered the sand. He sat down and threw his head back, closing his eyes, and wishing for the dream to end already. While he closed his eyes in the dream thinking of nothing, waiting for his alarm or his father to wake him up, John simply listened. The sound of crunching footsteps slowly approaching interrupted the quiet. He kept his eyes shut, it would either go away without his noticing, or cause him some kind of imaginary harm. He kept his eyes closed and waited.

“Excuse me.” A shy girl’s voice said. John opened his eyes with a look of surprise. It was Sarah staring at him.

“I seem to be lost. I was hoping you could help. I hope I’m not interrupting you.” She said shyly.

John just stared at her, his mind running in circles trying to find out why she was in his dream.

“I’m sorry, John, I didn’t recognize you at first.” She said.

He kept staring.

“Can you speak? I’m really not quite sure what type of dream I’m having.”

“Wait. Dream you’re having? This is my dream.” He said, taken aback.

“Is it, I am pretty sure I just went to sleep and found myself in this desert, which is odd for my dreams.”

“But I’m not.”

Sarah blushed, “What do you mean.”

“You said the desert was different but you didn’t mention the fact that it was odd for me to be here.” A sly grin crept up to John’s face.

“Well no, I mean yes, you are odd as well.”

“Are you sure?

“I don’t…” She said looking away.

“Think of it like this, if this is your dream and I am a normal apparition in it then the real me will be none the wiser and if this is actually my dream, then you are a figment of my imagination.”

“Then wouldn’t I just say whatever you want to hear?” She said with her own grin.

“I suppose so, but what does it matter? If we are somehow sharing a dream then when we wake up we will just think it was our own dream.”

“Well, to be honest, you do appear in my dreams quite often.” She said, clenching her hands together in front of her stomach and avoiding his gaze.

“Please, sit down.” He said to her, patting his hand on the empty space next to him. Amazed at his own boldness.

“I’m curious to find out what kind of dreams that you have of me.” John said while staring directly at her. He had never been able to look at her while he was at school, at least not directly without making himself look like a fool. He found that being able to look at her, with her pink pajamas on and hair down, he couldn’t help but smile at how cute she looked..

“I can’t tell you what I dream, some things are private no matter what!” she exclaimed at him, blushing.

“Maybe because this is a dream I can say what I really want to.” John said, moving his gaze away from hers.

“And what is that?” Sarah said, now turning and staring at him intently.

“It’s just that, I always wanted to tell you that I like you.” John whispered while fiddling with his hands, trying not to feel awkward and failing miserably.

“Really?” she said staring at him more intently now.

“I see. Well, since this is a dream, I have something that I wanted to tell you as well.” She said while putting her hand on his leg. “I have always wanted to tell you that I like you. I don’t know what it is, but every time I see you, I just feel a connection and I just feel weird.” Sarah returned her gaze to the sand at their feet.

John burst into laughter

“What’s so funny?” Sarah said in a huff, dismayed at the response she was receiving from her confession.

“No, I’m not laughing at you, I’m just… I just can’t believe how pathetic this is, the girl I love confessing her feelings to me in a goddamn dream.”

Sarah lifted John’s chin up in front of her and lowered her lips to his. While John did not believe what was happening to him, he kissed her back. He didn’t know what this dream was but the whole time they were kissing, it felt perfect.

Sarah pulled away from him, giving a little girlish giggle.

John’s heart seemed to soar in his chest at that moment.

She looked at John with bright blues eyes. John knew now that he would always love her, dream or not.

“Prove that you love me.” She said to him.


“We are together, and if this is a moment that will only live in one of our minds then I want a demonstration to remember.” She said coyly.

John sighed; he looked at the ground and shook his head. He looked back at her and smiled.

He stood up and walked to the center of the courtyard between all four glass pillars. He turned slowly and thought as loudly as he could, a flower. He looked up into the night sky that was void of stars, and he saw something move, a piece of black drifting against the midnight sky. John crouched, hoping he was right about how the dream worked. He jumped and he felt the ground give way beneath him as he was thrown into the air with his arm outstretched. He felt something touch his hand and he grabbed it as he started to fall.

He felt a sharp stinging pain in his hand from, but refused to let it go. The ground came at him fast, but he refused to look afraid in front of Sarah. He hit the sand and found it was solid. There was no noise as he landed. It was as if he hadn’t even fallen. John opened his hand to see a rose that was the color of the night sky. A thorn had bit into his hand, drawing a drop of blood, the scarlet hue in contrast to his pale hands.

The small drop of blood fell from the thorn that had pierced his flesh and landed in the sand. The ground started to shake. John looked at his feet and saw a green leaf spring out of the sand. The shaking became more violent and then a fountain of water erupted from the center of the courtyard where John had just been standing. Droplets of water fell across the desert like falling stars and where they landed greenery appeared. Trees erupted from the ground while exotic plants came up and wrapped themselves around the glass pillars. It was an oasis in a seemingly never ending desert. Sarah’s gasp of wonder brought John back to her. He turned and walked back, and presented the flower to her, his hand already healed.

She looked at him and at the rose, confusion crossed her face. “Doesn’t black mean death?” She asked.

He smiled.“Only sometimes. Right now it means new life.”

She took the rose from him and planted a kiss on his cheek. He looked at her again and was dismayed to find her almost transparent.

“I hope that this is my dream.” She said before vanishing.

John heard the slow methodical beeping of an alarm clock. His world slowly faded to black and he opened his eyes to his bedroom.

“Me too.” He said.

Snow Storm


The snow was falling faster now. I jumped into my pickup and started it. Every snow storm I had ever had to go through in my life my truck had gotten me through. We were comrades facing the elements together nothing could stop us from getting where we needed to go. I put on my seatbelt and made sure the four wheel drive light on the dashboard was lit. I had just left my sister’s apartment, my son was sleeping soundly in his car seat while the wind and snow howled around us. I put the truck into drive and made my way out of the parking lot. There were cars further down the road that were already stuck and abandoned waiting for the snow plows to dig them out.

We can do this. I thought to myself as I pulled out of the parking lot ready for the short drive back to my home. As soon as I got onto the road my truck started to move sluggishly trying to fight its way through the snow. I put my foot down on the gas trying to fight through the snow already on the ground and then I stopped. The tires spun but we didn’t move. The incline was too steep. I tried for an hour to fight against the snow in vein. I retrieved the small trench shovel I kept in the back for emergencies and tried to dig the snow from around my tires to free myself enough to get momentum so I could plow forward to the main road. If I could reach the main road I was sure that I could make it home. But the wind struck my face with freezing hard snow mixed with rain. The shovel was too small to move the large amount of snow that was all around my truck. Any part of my body that was exposed felt like it was being hit with little pellets of hard ice. I labored to free my truck my only thought of my warm home and bed. After an hour of trying I finally moved; three feet to the right and was further imbedded in a three foot drift. I cursed at my steering wheel at my friend who had before managed to get me to my destination no matter what. Now we were stuck and the short walk to my sister’s apartment seemed like a mile run. I looked at my son still sleeping and cursed the snow. It would bury my truck in five feet deep before night was over.

I called my sister.She would come and carry the baby while I would carry everything else we would need for the night. The run to her apartment was brutal as the wind was blowing against us the snow hitting us in the face making it difficult to see and breath. There was a four foot snow drift blocking the front door and my leg fell all the way through. My breathing was harsh as I had to work for every step. My legs were cold now my chest hurt and my lungs were labored. I was so close to the door. I knew I would make it, I knew I could get to the door but in the moment when I struggled to free myself from the snow drift my legs started to feel numb.The thought that if I fell in the snow drift I might not get back up kept screaming itself at me.

I heard my son cry as my sister had just reached the door and his face was getting hit by the same stinging rain and snow that had made my face numb. I took in the deepest breath I could and moved forward. I didn’t think of anything but moving and finally I reached the apartment building the warmth bringing an aching feeling back to my legs. I didn’t care as I struggled to get my breath, my lungs felt as if they were being crushed as I took in big gulps of air. When I made it up the stairs to my sister’s apartment I looked out the window to see my truck already being buried in snow completely unmovable.

Everybody’s interested in the weather



The weather is a force that connects everyone. Most people have experienced weather at its extreme. This could be a hard rainfall that threatened flooding, a snowstorm that closed down a city, or a heat wave that made faulty a/c a danger. There’s even shows of tornado chasers and hurricane studies. People will always be fascinated with the weather. We try to find ways to control it and make movies about it. Think about if you were the god of weather and you could do what you want, think “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”.

The ice rain didn’t come as a surprise, even the weather man had predicted it for a week. Ice salt was sold out in every store you went to, grocery stores were cleared out and school was scheduled to let out early that day. Everyone felt trepidations at the upcoming storm and were prepared. It started at three AM. Most people woke up to hear the pitter patter of rain start to come down and then tossed and turned for the rest of the night as the rain slammed against their windows and the thunder shook their roofs.

It wasn’t until first light that everyone could see what the storm had brought. Windows and doors were frozen shut as a thick layer of clear ice covered everything. When the first morning light hit it everyone was amazed by what they saw. The ice acted like a prism rainbows flowed across houses and streets, reflecting a colorful spectrum of light across the city. It was a sight that people would remember till their dying days. Something so beautiful you just had to have it, to posses it. You could hear the thunderous crack as people banged against their doors trying to get out, trying to feel the miracle their city had provided. They didn’t understand the need to get out, but they had the desperate need to be part of something so beautiful. However, the temperature rose quickly and by time the first person could thaw through their door the ice and its light were gone and all that was outside was muddy slush.

Reality Lost Part 2


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John walked for an hour before getting to work. It was an old flower shop that was out of the way of nearly everything, especially the school. That’s what Bill liked about the shop. It was always slow and he had all the time in the world to stay and relax while he was away from home. John walked past the grey blue windows and the hand painted rose sign into the store. Flowers covered the entire store; some were hanging along the walls, while others were in refrigerators, keeping them fresh. Most were from Bill’s garden, and others were from online distributers for people who wanted to have something flashy for Valentine’s Day. John liked the flower shop, it gave him some income and his classmates would never be found dead here. His male classmates avoided anything relating to flowershops, worried it would make it seem as if they were less than men. The only day he had to worry about was Valentine’s Day.

The girls from his class would avoid the flower shop, as it was always up to guys to get their gifts for them. To John it was a perfect system, since this way he didn’t have to worry about anyone bothering him.

“Hello John. Here early again I see.” Bill said as he saw John walking in, stashing his backpack behind the counter.

“Hey Bill, how’s business today?” he asked, trying to hide his face from him before he could assess the damage in the bathroom.

“Pretty busy today, we had three customers last hour.” He said while sweeping up leaves from the back.

“I’m going to use the bathroom, I’ll be right out.” John hit on the light and checked in the mirror. The oaf’s fist had hit him high. He would have a bruise but his hair would cover it. He flushed the toilet to make it sound like he was using it, and then ran the water to wash his face of any dirt that was still there. After inspecting himself a little more, he decided it was safe to start work. As soon as he exited the bathroom and shut the door, Old Bill was there staring him down.

“More bruises today, son.” Bill said, all humor leaving his voice.

John shrugged him aside and went to find some kind of busy work to do.

“Why do you let them do this to you? Who was it this time, your father or your mother?”

“Bill, don’t worry about it, it’s not your problem, and it wasn’t my folks, I decided to be a dick today and got put down. It’s good for me, builds character.” John finished as he found a sales order to double check. Something that didn’t need to be done but at least he didn’t have to make eye contact with Bill anymore.

“Building character is fine, but the more you build, the more you let others knock it out of you. John you’re a good kid, that’s why I like having you here. Also, you do most of the work for me. But I just don’t want you to end up like your folks.   You have a bright future ahead of you, but only if you stop this self-destructive cycle you’re in.”

“Thank you doctor, but you’ll excuse me if I don’t take advice from a flower shop man.” John wasn’t listening much anymore. They had had this conversation more than once.

“Ok, point taken. Just try to take my advice sometime. But it’s your life; I’ll leave it to you. Speaking of which, I’m taking off now. You alright with closing up?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine.”

“Oh, before I forget, we got a new shipment of roses in. Supposedly they are all the rage, some kind of new alteration. Catalog them for me, would you?”

“No problem Bill, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Bill grabbed his coat and headed out the door.

“Oh and Bill.”


“Thanks.” John said, finally looking him in the eyes again.

“No problem kiddo.” Bill let the door close behind him.

John watched Bill leave through the door and head home. He scanned the flower shop for anything to do. There wasn’t much that needed to be done. John spent the night doing homework and cleaning in the shop and mostly just busy work to keep preoccupied till closing time. It had been a few hours since Bill had left and there hadn’t been a single customer to come in. John wished that Bill would get a T.V. in the store so he would have something to watch. While John contemplated how to convince Bill that he needed a T.V., the bell on the front door rang.

He looked up from the chair he was resting in to see a man in his late twenties or early thirties walk in. He had the look of a pretty boy and an idiot at the same time. He walked in and looked at John.

“Where do you keep your roses?” He asked John. John pointed to big sign at the back of the room that said “roses”. In the back there were large bouquets of roses as well another roses in single vases. The ones in single vases were popular for teenagers in high school for Valentine’s Day because they were cheap and came in varying colors. The man grabbed one of the single vases and came to the register.

“Thanks for showing me. I’m in a little bit of a hurry. My girlfriend’s husband forgot their anniversary today.” He said while taking out his wallet.

“That’s $9.99.” John said wondering why everyone thought he was interested in their life stories when he had to ring up their purchases.

“Here you go.” The man said handing John ten dollars. “Oh well, his loss my gain. Keep the change.” The man said grabbing the vase and rose before leaving. John sighed he was glad that he was alone in the store again. He went back to his homework but was interrupted after half an hour by another customer.

He was an older man in his mid to late forties and was in a hurry by the way he burst in the door and came straight to the counter.

“Where’s you most expensive bouquet of flowers?” The man asked. John pointed over to the ninety dollar bouquet of roses in a hand painted vase. The man gave John his credit card while he walked over and picked it out.

“Thanks, this will save my butt. I forgot my anniversary today. I’ll come home as a surprise and she’ll forget all about it.” He said while signing the receipt and rushing off.

John put his books away and set about getting the final cleaning done for the night, making sure all the plants had the right amount of plant food and water in them, and throwing some of them that looked wilted or brown into a pile to be multched.

As it got close to closing he had one last customer. It was man not much older than John, in his early twenties.

“Hey do you have any yellow roses? This girl I’m trying to get with has a thing for yellow flowers.” The man said.

John pointed to the back where the flowers were. He went over and grabbed a yellow one paid and left. John was tempted to tell the man that a yellow rose meant friendship and not a one night stand. He shrugged his shoulders. If a girl didn’t know the meaning either, then he guessed it didn’t matter. John flipped the sign on the shop to closed and went about doing the night work.

He remembered Bill talking about the new roses, and he went in back and found a couple of boxes When John opened them up and he saw that they were odd. They were black roses with the thorns still on them, which was unusual. Normally they came without thorns, but after examining the flower more closely, he saw why. The stem was a deep green, but the edges of the thorns were a dark red, almost as if they were bleeding. John pulled them out and began to organize them. John made the usual arrangements that Bill had taught him, putting a few with other flowers and putting some in little glass cases by themselves. He put one on the counter in a slim vase next to a sign saying “NEW” in bold. No one would really care about the meaning behind the color of different roses, just that they were new and looked interesting. The roses would go by quick. It was too bad black meant normally meant. After cataloging the inventory for the night and setting the new prices, he called it a day.

Let the old lady scream


I awoke from a deep slumber by the sound of a devil’s wail.It was the maddening scream of a woman from the room next door. I rushed from bed throwing my covers to the floor and ran to see what horror could cause the unending piercing screech that emanated from the room. It was so dreadful I feared the windows would break from its force. I checked the door and, finding it unlocked, burst into the room. The only illumination that was granted to the room came from the hallway behind me as if light was as terrified as the woman and her maddening shrieks.

My eyes adjusted to the dim light and I almost vomited by what I saw. The woman’s husband lay dead on the floor blood was pooling around his body, his face was twisted and contorted into a grueling mask of pain only wore by those who have felt every last second of their agonizing death. I had seen enough in the hospital to know. His body had been stabbed with a large cleaver over and over. The bloodied blade was still resting in the wife’s hands shaking whether from fear or from the vibrations of her relentless bellowing I couldn’t tell.

She looked at me and her cries faded but what I saw in her eyes was so much worse. It was madness that I saw there, madness with no hint of fear. I could hear the rushing of footsteps coming from down the hall people hurrying to see what I wish I hadn’t.

It wasn’t long until the authorities came and took her away. She was silent the entire time as if the demon in her throat had left and taken her voice with it. The authorities marked off the room and left stating the crime was simple murder.

“Don’t say the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream.”
-Mark Twain

Old Spec New Tech



I ran across an interesting manuscript wish list that wanted the Selfie of Dorian Gray. This seems like kind of a fun idea to use the old classics in a new spin. I’ve seen this done in multiple forms and the outcome usually depends on the originality of the idea.

It was my own pride that led me to make a deal at the cross roads to ensure my immortality. I had dug myself an early grave with more gambling, drinking and fun than I could and still expect to live a long life. Then I got the news that my body was shutting down one organ at a time, cancer was riddling every cell in my body. I wanted to make a deal and I found how to make one. The only problem was the teenager and their cell phone video that recorded the handshake of the deal. A video that if I see or hear reverses my contract and it just went viral.

Reality Lost 1

On a rusty playground in a condemned park John squinted as the sun’s first light pierced his eyes. The sunlight threw its rays through the trees making the ground glitter as the sun light bounced off the thousands of broken bits of glass on the ground. The lights played and danced around him, creating a beautiful display made from the broken beer and liquor bottles on the ground. It had been cold for a summer night and he was glad to leave his make shift bed in the rusty death trap.

John got up and slowly headed home. He had plenty of time before school and needed to run home and grab his school bag before either of his parents woke up for the day. It took half an hour for him to get to his house where he slipped inside through his open bedroom window. He saw his room in disarray and sighed to himself. His room wasn’t the tidiest on the block but right now it looked like a robber had trounced through. He knew it had been his dad looking for him last night, but John knew the old man’s moods, and as soon as he had come home with that angry look in his eye and the stench of whisky on his breath John was already out the door.

John crouched next to his bed and listened while he slowed his breathing and waited. The only sound he could hear were the morning cars passing by and a light snoring from the neighboring bedroom. He let out his breath slowly. Both his parents must still be deep in their inebriated slumber. When he got home tonight it was doubtful that they would remember much of what had happened last night. John tiptoed to his backpack by the kitchen. Before he left, John removed the knife imbedded in the wall and set it in the sink.

He walked out the front door as quietly as he could and headed to school. He was a senior in high school and not a good one. His grades were crap and he hated school. The only reason he still went was because he honestly had nothing better to do.

John went through his classes with his head in the clouds. He was close to eighteen and he didn’t plan on staying in this town for any longer than he had too. He was already preparing, saving enough from his part time job to get him out. He wanted to leave but at the same time he wanted to take his time. There was one thing that was in this town that he doubted he would find anywhere else. As with any teenage boy, it was because of a girl. He had never talked to her, and she in return had never talked to him but he still hopelessly infatuated.

John walked out of the classroom and headed outside. It was his free period and he thought about sneaking out for an early cheese burger. Except for the three familiar faces that were waiting for him outside the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The biggest and most familiar of the three said, while the other two stayed a foot or so back from him, grins on their faces. John groaned.

John kept his eyes on the kid in front of him. He was younger than John, and a grade lower than him. He was built like a football player, with wide shoulders and muscular arms: the perfect bully. John knew Derek from the other times they had run into each other. Without taking his eyes off of Derek, he pictured the school in his mind. He had three options where he could run, John started to look for his opening to rabbit. In his peripheral vision John saw Sarah watching, and his plans to run suddenly vanished. He wanted to impress her, even if she didn’t know he was doing it.

“I figured I would ditch and see what your mom was up to.” He said back, putting his most menacing look on.

Derek’s eyes twitched a bit as he raised his fist. John braced himself. He knew where the punch would land, and he readied himself. He didn’t have a fighter’s insight, but they always tried to give him a black eye. Catching the fist, John would be able to ram his knee into Derek’s stomach. John saw the fist rise, and all the plans in his head vanished. Instead of Derek standing there, it was his father raising his fist in a drunken rage. John remembered his father’s savagery when it came to hitting him. It sent a wave of fear through his body making his mind go blank. John dropped his guard as the thought of his father’s rage hit him and then the world tilted slightly to the right. John turned his head back, his eyes glazed over in a bout of confusion. The fear had subsided just enough for reality to come back to him. He had just been hit and had forgotten to take a dive, so now his jaw would be hurting tonight.

The second fist came almost immediately after the first, just enough time for John to curse inside his mind and remember to fall after it struck him in the eye. When he fell to the ground, Derek laughed, kicked him once for good measure, and walked off. The other two walked behind him laughing a little more than they actually wanted too. Everyone loves a leader.

John got up from the ground, looked around and wondered why he was still here. He looked to the sidewalk where Sarah had been everyone was just now getting to their next class and he was the only one left outside with only the sound of the class bell to accompany him. “No reason at all.” He said, trying to convince himself and walked off to his job. Old Bill wouldn’t mind him showing up early, there was always something to do at the shop.

Reality Lost